Proudly based in the city of Raleigh, Car Wraps Raleigh services all types of vehicles in the greater Triangle region of North Carolina. We offer attractive vinyl wraps for sedans, coupes, crossovers, vans and pickup trucks that are used for everyday driving. Additionally, our experienced technicians also serve the interests of businesses that have fleets for commercial use such as deliveries of products. The first step in making premium vinyl wraps for automobiles involves the creation of digital graphics on the latest software. We import existing logos that are used by companies and add some refining touches. It is absolutely critical that colorful graphics make an instant impression upon potential customers who see the vehicle wraps on the roads in the Raleigh area. Besides selecting the right color for the letters and numbers on vehicle wraps, we also choose the best protective materials. For example, permanent decals should be protected by laminated layers that have waterproof properties. Additionally, special coatings could be applied to the car wraps in order to reflect solar radiation including UV rays. At the same time, we make sure that vehicle wraps also have reflective properties for optimum visibility in the day and night. The decals should reflect illumination that comes from outdoor lighting fixtures and headlights of other vehicles. Anti-glare coatings can also make car wraps more visible on sunny days.

Vehicle Wraps by Car Wraps Raleigh

Car Wraps Raleigh utilizes the latest technology to print, cut and install customized vehicle wraps for clients in Raleigh, North Carolina. We also gladly extend our car wrapping solutions to customers throughout the Triangle area of the state that includes other major cities like Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill. The most common types of vehicle wraps that we offer are made from vinyl, a very strong, lightweight and durable material. The polymers in vinyl are engineered to adapt to all types of paint surfaces in commercial fleets and passenger automobiles. Additionally, vinyl wraps could be combined with other types of synthetic materials that provide extra protection against outdoor conditions that are common in the Raleigh area. For example, laminated layers could be applied to prevent dust, debris, pollen and moisture from ruining the colorful graphics on vinyl wraps. Additionally, we also emphasize the importance of vehicle wraps being visible even at night. Letters and numbers may be covered with reflective layers that are quite easy to see when they are illuminated by other cars on the road. We also take into consideration sun glare when applying the finishing touches to our unique vehicle wraps. Rear and side windows in vehicles could be covered with our advanced vinyl decals that offer privacy for drivers and passengers. The colorful graphics on the glass are opaque, so the interior of the vehicle is not seen by others on the road.