Fleet Wraps by Car Wraps Raleigh

Car Wraps Raleigh operates its own studios and other facilities that are used exclusively for wrapping vehicles in vinyl graphics. Our primary location is in the city of Raleigh, NC, and we also serve other nearby communities including Chapel Hill, Cary and Durham. Local businesses in the Triangle area of North Carolina can get a lot of benefits from having their own fleets customized with vinyl decals. A vinyl wrap brings a lot of marketing value to any given company regardless of the niche. We select the most appropriate themes and motifs that are integrated into the personalized wraps for commercial fleets including trucks, shuttles, vans and buses. For example, catering trucks should ideally be wrapped in vinyl graphics that include images of fresh food and gourmet platters. It is important for the fleets to actually display the types of products and services that are being advertised. Sometimes, it may be difficult for some pedestrians and drivers to read the text that appears on fleet decals. Therefore, visual content must be large enough to be clearly seen even from hundreds of feet away. To enhance the appearance of vinyl wraps on fleets, we add some reflective layers to important numbers and words. In the night, such finishing touches guarantee optimum visibility especially when they're illuminated by powerful sources of light such as headlamps of cars.