Fleet Wraps by Car Wraps Raleigh

Car Wraps Raleigh uses commercial quality machines to precisely print, cut and bond vinyl wraps on commercial vehicles that are owned by businesses in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina. We also work with enterprises throughout the entire Triangle area that consists of other large cities including Cary, Chapel Hill and Durham. Fleet wraps have tremendous marketing potential that should be utilized by any company that dispatches drivers on a regular basis. Just by driving around major highways such as I-540 and I-440, commercial fleets with vinyl wraps could make plenty of positive impressions on the local marketplace in the Raleigh metropolitan area. Car Wraps Raleigh identifies the best areas to install customized wraps on commercial vehicles. For example, the rear window of a van or shuttle bus is visible to other motorists traveling behind. Therefore, Car Wraps Raleigh strongly suggests that rear glass windshields be covered with opaque vinyl graphics that provide plenty of privacy for the passengers and drivers of commercial fleets. Additionally, the front fender of a commercial automobile is also a highly visible area that can attract a lot of attention. Car Wraps Raleigh precisely installs vinyl decals that are wrapped above wheels, bumpers and grilles. Letters and numbers on the vinyl displays can have irregular fonts in order to fit on the limited space on the front of a commercial car.